Soccer Club ONT

Updated on 2024-07-04

Amateur football club ONT from the Frisian town of Opeinde used some 700,000 liters of water annually until recently. The club, with 600 members, has 63 showers. Since November 2021, the shower water of the club has been collected, cleaned, and reused for toilet flushing. Since then, the club has saved an average of 45 percent on tap water, using no more than 400,000 liters. The facility was recently named ‘Dutch Sustainable Sports Facility of the Year’. 

Project Information 

  • Name and Location: Opeinde, the Netherlands 
  • Details Specific to Project Type: 600 members, 3.000 weekly visitors 

Installation Details 

  • Devices and Polishers: 6 x H300 
  • Yearly Water Saving: 300.000 liter/79,252 gallons 
  • Yearly Monetary Saving: n.a. 

Usage Details 

  • Collection Sources: Showers 
  • End Uses: Toilets 
  • Size of Installation: 2,4 sqm/25,83 sqft 

Website Information 

Owner’s Testimonial 

  • Quote: “For many clubs that will need to renovate their facilities from the 1960s and 1970s in the coming years, Hydraloop presents a tremendous opportunity.” 
  • Reason to buy: We wanted to be an example for sport facilities across the Netherlands.  

Project Description 

  • Challenges and Solutions: Incorporating the system into an existing building is a bit more challenging. At ONT, the piping work was particularly complex. “Actually, that was where the biggest costs were”, according to Jeen Visser. 

Partner Manager Information 

Klaas Pool