Product Data Sheet – Hydraloop Cascade

Updated on 2024-06-12

With the scalable and made-to-measure Hydraloop Cascade system, you can recycle 25 to 45% of in-house water. A Hydraloop Cascade treats and redistributes Hydraloop reusable water from showers, baths, hand basins, and optionally washing machines (only with an optional inlet diverter valve), as well as condensation water from tumble dryers, heat pumps, and air conditioning units. Due to its innovative and breakthrough technology, Hydraloop reusable water is clean, clear, safe, and certified. You can reuse it for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation, and swimming pool top-up. The maintenance requirements and corresponding costs are very low.

The Hydraloop Cascade can be assembled by configuring two or more Hydraloop devices in any cascade arrangement. Depending on the building and the application, one central location can be chosen in the building for one cascade configuration. Or several locations with 2 or more compact cascade configurations.

Each Hydraloop device in the Cascade setup works independently in the cleaning process. The treated and disinfected reusable water is stored in one volume, which is formed by the interconnected individual water storage tanks of the Hydraloop devices. Treatment and storage tanks form one integral cluster. A powerful booster pump redistributes the reusable water in the building to be used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. In case of a temporary shortage of reusable water, the system automatically switches to its backup water source like tap water or rainwater.

An online dashboard information system is available for real-time status information and performance.


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InputGreywater from shower, bath, hand basins, and optionally washing machine (only with inlet diverter valve)
Condensation water from tumble dryer, heat pump, and air conditioning
Hydraloop Cascade cannot collect greywater from washing machines
Output1 outlet for reusable water for each Hydraloop cluster for toilet flushing and irrigation
Front PlateStainless-steel front plate with white logo and status light.


Treatment capacityScalable from 1060 liters | 280 gallons per day up to 10,600 liters | 2800 gallons per cluster
Multiple Hydraloop Cascade clusters can be installed
Voltage100 | 240 Volt, 24 Volt internal
InternetThe Hydraloop device needs to be connected with an internal internet connected (wifi) network
Noise LevelDepending on the size of the installation