Financial Incentives: 2000 Euro Rebate in City of Leeuwarden

Updated on 2024-06-12

As the first municipality in the Netherlands, Frysian capital Leeuwarden grants its inhabitants a subsidy of up to € 2000 for the purchase and installation of a decentral water recycling system.

In this article, we share the press release of the city of Leeuwarden as well as the details about this subsidy. We hope it will help you initiate a similar subsidy in your own city, region or country. If you have any questions about this subject or want to discuss a ‘game plan’, please reach out to Barbara Mounier, Head of Communications at

Press Release – Leeuwarden municipality subsidizes in-house water recycling #

Leeuwarden is the first municipality in the Netherlands to receive a subsidy for the purchase and installation of a decentralized water recycling system. The subsidy is up to a maximum of € 2,000, – euro, and can be spent, for example, at Hydraloop, the Leeuwarden-based manufacturer of greywater recyclers that broke through internationally last year. The subsidy is for residents and entrepreneurs in the municipality of Leeuwarden. Decentralized water recycling is the easiest way to almost halve water use in the home.

How does decentralized water recycling work?

The water recycler is an installation in the home that collects and cleans the water from the shower and bath, but also from the heat pump, air conditioning, condenser dryer, and washing machine. The clean water is then reused. For example for the toilets, the washing machine or the garden. Residents do not have to do anything themselves. The Hydraloop water recycler is about the size of a refrigerator. By using water twice, households can save up to 45% of (drinking) water and less water flows into the sewer system. This reduces the burden on sewers.

Making smart technology accessible to everyone

Councilman Bert Wassink is proud of the international significance of our municipality in the field of water technology. “Water scarcity and shortage of clean water is a growing problem. At the Water Campus, universities and the business community work together to develop solutions. A home water recycling system is one such solution. With the grant, this smart technology has become a lot more accessible to our residents. At the same time, I hope that decentralized water recycling becomes commonplace as soon as possible. The more people worldwide recycle their water, the greater the chance that together we can solve the water problem.”

More grant opportunities

The subsidy for water recycling is one of the possibilities within a broader scheme called ‘Climate conscious Leeuwarden’. This scheme supports the United Nations Global Goals. Residents can apply for subsidies to purchase other water-saving measures such as a rain barrel, a green roof, a rainwater utilization system or a water-saving toilet. The municipality of Leeuwarden hopes to inspire other municipalities in the Netherlands.

The website contains the application form for a water recycling system and more information about the subsidies for water-saving.

Additional information on the Grant / Subsidy #

The following text is displayed on the website of the municipality of Leeuwarden, and accompanied by a registration form:

Grant Water Recycling System

There are systems for sale that collect bath or shower water. Or condensation water from a heat pump or air conditioning. These systems purify the water so you can reuse it for your washing machine, flushing the toilet, or watering the garden. The municipality makes subsidies available for the purchase of these water recycling systems. Such a system saves more than 50% of your daily water consumption.

Advantages water recycling system

Saves on drinking water consumption.

Reduces the burden on the sewer system.

What you have to comply with

  • You live in the municipality of Leeuwarden.
  • You are the owner of the property or have permission from the owner as a tenant.
  • The installation may not be connected to the drinking water pipes and is only used for flushing toilets, washing machines or watering the garden.
  • You are responsible for the correct installation. Therefore, always consult an installation expert or have the work done for you.
  • The water recycling system must comply with NEN-EN 16941-2:2020.
  • Do not start the purchase and construction until your subsidy application has been approved.
  • You will have the work carried out within 3 months of approval and the work must be completed within 3 months of commencement.

How much subsidy can you receive?

The subsidy is a maximum of 50% of the purchase and installation costs up to a maximum of € 2000.

How to apply for a subsidy

  • You can request a quote from a supplier, contractor, or installer.
  • Fill out the following form and submit it to the municipality of Leeuwarden:
  • PDFApplication form subsidy water recycling system (PDF, 59.54 KB)

After your application

Within 4 weeks you will receive a response from the municipality of Leeuwarden.

Forms that are not fully completed, not signed, or without attachment(s) cannot be processed. You will therefore not receive a response from the municipality of Leeuwarden. If you are eligible for the subsidy, you can carry out the work (or have it carried out). As soon as they have been carried out and completed you must report this to us by filling in the completion report form, handing it in and/or sending it to the municipality of Leeuwarden. An inspector may come by to inspect the work.

Water recycling system already purchased

If you purchased a water recycling system between January 1, 2021, and June 1, 2021, you may still receive a grant. Send an email to Please mention the name of the water recycling system in the e-mail. Please enclose: a photo of the water recycling system, when it was installed, an invoice with the date and the technical specification showing that the system complies with the NEN-EN 16941-2:2020.