Resort – &BEYOND Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Updated on 2024-07-04

This resort is situated deep in the Namib, the world’s oldest living desert. Sustainability and guest comfort go hand in hand in the design of the lodge. The Hydraloop greywater recycling system throughout the lodge collects shower and bath water from 10 suites. After treatment, the reused water is used for topping up the private pools, easily offsetting the evaporation from the pool surfaces.

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Project Information  #

  • Name and Location: Namib-Naukluft Park, Namibia 
  • Details Specific to Project Type: 10 lodges 

Installation Details  #

  • Devices and Polishers: 10 x H300  
  • Yearly Water Saving: 1.200.000 liter/ 317.006 gallons 

Usage Details  #

  • Collection Sources: Showers, baths 
  • End Uses: Swimming pool 
  • Size of Installation: 0,8 sqm/ 8,61 sqft per device 

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