Camp Site – Weltevreden

Updated on 2024-07-04

This sustainable camping site is located in the province of Zeeland, on the border of fresh and salt water. Hydraloop collects and treats shower and bath water from the central bath building (25+ showers and family bathrooms) in a mobile, scalable Hydraloop Cascade. Reuse water is used for toilet flushing and gardening. The campsite has a rainwater harvesting tank which can collect 200 m3 rainwater. However, in summer the campsite runs out of rainwater in three weeks. Thus, the solution presented itself in the form of grey water recycling. A water source always plentiful available year round.  

Project Information  #

  • Name and Location: Zoutelande, the Netherlands 
  • Details Specific to Project Type: 143 camping spots, 300 guests per day 

Installation Details  #

  • Devices and Polishers: 6 x H600 
  • Yearly Water Saving: 650.000 liter/ 171.711 gallons 

Usage Details  #

  • Collection Sources: Showers 
  • End Uses: Toilets, garden irrigation 
  • Size of Installation: 13,86 sqm/147,16 sqft 

Website Information  #

Owner’s Testimonial  #

  • Adriaan Wisse, Owner 

“Lack of water is a social problem. I think it is important as a company to reduce our water consumption in order to reduce the pressure on the water supply.” 

Project Description  #

  • Challenges and Solutions: The primary technical challenges we encoutered were mainly related to the internet connection and the extra piping network. However, as soon as it is set-up it is a self sustaining system.  

Partner Manager Information  #

Klaas Pool