Elderly Care Home – Gibraltar – 120 appartments

Updated on 2024-07-03

A proposed 120-apartment elderly care building in Gibraltar showcases innovative water management. By collecting and reusing water from showers for the building’s launderette, the project addresses wastewater capacity challenges, allowing the building to reach its proposed size. This grey water recycling system not only made the project feasible but also significantly increased the building’s value.

The incorporation of grey water recycling reduces the elderly care home’s CO2 footprint by lowering the demand for fresh water. This, in turn, lessens the pressure on Gibraltar’s local desalination plants. The smart solution proves to be a no-brainer for sustainable and efficient living.

Project Information  #

  • Elderly Care Home, Gibraltar 
  • 120 appartements 

Installation Details  #

  • Devices and Polishers: 10 x H600, Polisher type B 
  • Yearly Water Saving: 1.460,000 liters/385,382.32 gallons 

Usage Details  #

  • Water Collection Sources: Showers 
  • End Uses: Washing machines 
  • Size of Installation: 12 sqm/129 sqft 

Testimonial  #

“Due to the wastewater capacity problems in Gibraltar, originally we weren’t allowed to build this Elderly Care Home in the current size. By adding water recycling with Hydraloop to the building design, we demonstrated a solution to reduce the amount of wastewater produced in the building. This convinced the government and so were allowed to increase the amount of appartements in the building lot. Then, we were awarded with the building permit for the building in the designed size.” – Adrian Avellano, Owner

Project Partners  #

Partner Manager #

Klaas Pool

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