Extreme water savings – David Mertens

Updated on 2024-07-04

David Mertens, despite having a single-person household, showcases the significant impact of integrating multiple water-saving technologies. By using a Hydraloop H300 device, he maximizes his water savings. He collects rainwater, purifies it, and uses it for showering. The Hydraloop H300 then treats the used shower water (greywater), allowing it to be reused for toilet flushing, laundry, and garden irrigation. Through this system, David Mertens demonstrates how combining different water-saving technologies can lead to substantial reductions in water usage. 

Project Information  #

  • Name and Location: Grimbergen, Belgium 
  • Details Specific to Project Type: One person household 

Installation Details  #

  • Devices and Polishers: 1 x H300 
  • Yearly Water Saving: From 130 liter to 13 liter / 34 to 3.4 gallons per day 

Usage Details  #

  • Collection Sources: Showers, baths 
  • End Uses: Toilets, washing machines, garden irrigation 
  • Size of Installation: 0,8 sqm/ 8,61 sqft 

Owner’s Testimonial  #

  • Reason to buy: Water becomes scarcer and therefore more expensive. I wanted my home to be future proof to be ready for the increasing water tarrifs.  

Project Partners  #

Henk Postma