Single Family Homes – Ecohouse Sussex (UK)- 2 people

Updated on 2024-07-03

Marc ter Kuile and his wife Suzanne Hillen live in a newly built four-bedroom ecohouse near East Grinstead in Sussex, the United Kingdom. In the autumn of 2020, they became owners of a Hydraloop H300 device. This device recycles shower water for toilet flushing and laundry, allowing Marc and Suzanne to save up to 45% on water and wastewater every day. Additionally, the Hydraloop H300 is monitored 24/7 online through its internet connection. 

Project Information  #

  • Forest Row, United Kingdom 
  • Two person household 

Installation Details  #

  • 1 x H300 device
  • Yearly Water Savings: 45.000 liter/12,000 gallons 

Usage Details  #

  • Water Collection Sources: Showers, baths 
  • End Uses: Toilets, washing machines 
  • Size of Installation: 0,8 sqm/ 8,61 sqft 

Partner Manager Information  #

Henk Postma