Cambuur Football Stadium

Updated on 2024-07-04

The Cambuur stadium is a proposed stadium for the professional soccer club SC Cambuur in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The new stadium will host 15.000 visitors every match. The new stadium will become the most sustainable stadium in the Netherlands. The stadium will also become the new home of the Firda school. The recycled water from the showers of the home and away team and hand basins will be reused for flushing the toilets in the main building of the stadium. 

Project Information  #

  • Leeuwarden, the Netherlands 
  • Details Specific to Project Type: 15.000 seats 

Installation Details  #

  • Devices and Polishers: 3 x H600, Polisher type A 
  • Yearly Water Saving: 450.000 liter / x gallons 
  • Yearly Monetary Saving: n.a. 

Usage Details  #

  • Collection Sources: Showers for the home and away teams, hand basins 
  • End Uses: Toilets 
  • Size of Installation: 6,4 sqm/68,72 sqft 

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Owner’s Testimonial  #

“We want to build a future proof stadium. The stadium we are building now will be used for the next 40 years. Therefore, we will include grey water recycling”. 

  • Edgar van Perlo, Project leader New Stadium, SC Cambuur 
  • Reason to buy: “To increase the property value”. 

Project Partners  #

Van Wijnen  

Project Manager #

Klaas Pool