Frequently Asked Questions

Hydraloop Water

What is Greywater?

Greywater is lightly contaminated wastewater from bath and shower, shower, and optionally from washing machines, hand basins, air conditioning units and heat pumps. It does not include wastewater from the kitchen or toilets, and it does not contain sewage (black water).

NOTE: bathroom hand basin greywater can only be used in H600 and Cascade set-ups.

What is Hydraloop recycled greywater?

Hydraloop recycled greywater is treated reusable water. It is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected, ready for re-use (not for consumption).

Is Hydraloop recycled greywater safe for reuse?

Yes. Hydraloop recycled greywater is clean, clear and disinfected. The treatment technology is NSF-350 certified and meets the most stringent international standards. Hydraloop recycled greywater should not be used for drinking, cooking or personal hygiene.

Can I drink Hydraloop recycled greywater?

The Hydraloop system was not designed to produce potable water.

What can I use Hydraloop recycled greywater for?

Hydraloop recycled greywater is suitable for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.

Can I use Hydraloop recycled greywater in my shower, bath or bidet?

No. There are standards in place that decide what one can use the recycled greywater for. These differ per country. Generally, you are not allowed to shower/bath with recycled greywater (although it would be safe).

Can I use Hydraloop recycled greywater in my kitchen?

No, Hydraloop recycled greywater is non-potable water. Therefore, you should not use it for preparing food or drinks, or for doing dishes.

Can I use Hydraloop recycled greywater for my vegetable garden?

Yes, you can use Hydraloop recycled greywater for growing crops.

Can the Hydraloop sytem provide drinking water quality?

No, the Hydraloop system cannot produce water that is safe to drink.  Greywater recycling is a type of treatment that treats water for use for toilet flushing, washing machine use and/or irrigation purposes.   

Can I combine Hydraloop system treatment with a grease trap or grease interceptor to recycle greywater from my kitchen?

No, we do not allow it. Hydraloop systems are not designed nor suitable to recycle kitchen greywater.

1.The greywater from your kitchen sink and dishwasher is only a small amount compared to the greywater produced from your shower and bath. The water you would save from kitchen grease traps would not weigh up to the costs of implementing a grease trap or grease interceptor.

2. Even after passing a grease trap or grease interceptor, kitchen greywater is still too dirty for greywater treatment in a Hydraloop system.  

Can I combine Hydraloop recycled greywater with a rainwater tank?

Yes, you can. We have customers that use this combination and have ultimately brought down their tap water consumption from 150 liter per person per day to 15 liter per person per day.

You can connect your Hydraloop system with a rainwater system in two ways:

  1. As a backup source for the Hydraloop system (instead of tap water) provided the rainwater is pretreated.
  2. To transfer surplus recycled greywater into the rainwater tank.
Can I collect rainwater, and have it treated by a Hydraloop system?

No, the tank size of each Hydraloop system is designed for a daily input of shower water. Rainwater comes in large volumes and storage capacity of the Hydraloop system tanks are not designed for these volumes.

Can a Hydraloop system replace a rainwater tank or reduce its size and costs?

When you install a Hydraloop system, you can size your rainwater tank just for irrigation, because you will use recycled Hydraloop greywater for toilet flushing and the washing machine. For example you can recycle up to 75.000 liters / 21.000 gallons of greywater with H300 system and 150.000 / 40.000 gallons with the H600 system  per year.

If you recycle more greywater than you use inside the building, the Hydraloop system can pump the surplus to a rainwater tank. This way, you can use Hydraloop recycled greywater to irrigate the garden and optimize your usage of recycled greywater. You can also keep collecting rainwater in a tank for garden irrigation.

We believe that rainwater should contribute to the hydro logic cycle and not flow into the sewer. Using Hydraloop recycled greywater inside and outside, and using rainwater only outside is the most sustainable way to reuse greywater.

Does Hydraloop work with water that contains a lot of calcium (hardness)?

Yes. If you have much calcium in your tap water, we recommend descaling your Hydraloop system every six months with 500 cl (1 pound) of citric acid. The app will advise you how to descale your Hydraloop system.


Is Hydraloop certified?

Yes, Hydraloop is certified by NSF/ANSI according to the NSF-350 standard, PIA (Germany) and KIWA. Hydraloop water quality complies with the European Grey Water Standard.


How does Hydraloop water treatment work?

Hydraloop uses a unique combination of sustainable water treatment technologies that ensures the highest water quality, without requiring regular maintenance or doing harm to the environment.

Hydraloop’s patented technology is consumer friendly, carefree and sustainable. The treatment process removes hair, dirt, soap and other pollution from greywater without the use of filters, membranes, or chemicals, so no need to clean and exchange filters. This reduces the operational costs substantial.

Hydraloop water treatment combines six technologies: sedimentation, flotation, dissolved air flotation, foam fractionation, an aerobic bioreactor, and disinfection of the treated water with powerful UV light. 

How long does the treatment of the water take?

The treatment takes about 5 hours.

Does Hydraloop make a sound?

In standby mode and during water treatment, the Hydraloop units make a sound of approximately 44 db. You can compare it with the sound of a silent dishwasher. The sound comes from the dissolved air flotation (bubbles) within the system. Another sound that is noticeable is when the water pump is pumping, although this is only a brief moment and the pump is a silent pump.

What happens if too much water enters the system?

The tanks will automatically overflow into the sewer.

What happens when all the Hydraloop water is used up?

When you have used all of the Hydraloop treated water, the system automatically switches to regular tap water. As soon as new Hydraloop water is available, the system automatically starts to supply this recycled water again.

What happens if I go away for a few days?

If no water comes in or leaves the Hydraloop for more 72 hours, the Hydraloop system will automatically switch to ‘holiday mode’. If you start using water again, the system automatically returns back into operation.

What happens if I go away for a longer period?

If you go away for more than 3 weeks, the Hydraloop will automatically empty all the water from the tanks. The system will wait until you return from holiday and automatically returns back into operation. Do not turn off the Hydraloop unit! Power consumption will be very small.

What add-ons does Hydraloop offer?

Third outlet for garden irrigation and/or topping up swimming pool.

How many toilets can be connected to a Hydraloop system?

A single Hydraloop H300 or H600 system can feed up to four (4) toilets at a maximum distance of 20 meters wide and 12 meters high. Cascade systems can be equipped with an external booster pump to extend the range and number of toilets. 

How many washing machines can be connected to a Hydraloop system?

A Hydraloop system can be connected to one (1) washing machine. The Hydraloop monitors the washing machine program to supply recycled or fresh water. If more than one washing machine is connected, this process would not work. 

What is the warranty on a Hydraloop unit?

The warranty period for your Hydraloop unit is specified set in your Warranty Certificate. This Certificate may vary according to national law.

We offer the Hydraloop Care option to extend the warranty on all component for 5 years or longer. Hydraloop Care be extended for up to 20 years. Details are available up on request.

What is the lifespan of a Hydraloop unit?

The lifespan of a Hydraloop unit is at least 20 years.

What do the connections look like?

Before Installation

Does the Hydraloop system require extra space?

A Hydraloop system requires 60 centimeters of space in front of the system to enable easy access for service and maintenance.

Does the Hydraloop system require a wall power outlet?

Yes. The wall power outlet must have earth safety protection and should preferably be positioned above or next to the system. 

What is the minimum weight the floor must be able to carry?

The Hydraloop H300 system has a weight of 80 kg. When it is filled with water, it has a maximum weight of 360 kg.

The Hydraloop H600 system has a weight of 160 kg. When it is filled with water, it has a maximum weight of 

Before you install the system, make sure the floor can carry a minimum of 1000 kilograms per m2 (for the H300 system) or 800 kilograms (for the H600 system).


Can hydraloop be installed in an existing building?

Yes. Hydraloop can be retrofitted to existing homes and apartments. But you have to make sure the building is Recycle Ready. You can find information on the preparation of your plumbing in the Factsheet “Have your Building Recycle Ready”.

If you need to break walls to install a Hydraloop system, getting your building Recycle Ready might become costly. The most economical way is to combine the installation of a Hydraloop system with a home or bathroom renovation.

Can Hydraloop be installed in a new building?

Yes. Hydraloop can be installed in any new building if the plumbing is installed correctly. But you have to make sure the building is Recycle Ready. You can find information on the preparation of your plumbing in the Factsheet “Have your Building Recycle Ready”.

Does the Hydraloop sytem require start-up time before it's operational?

Each Hydraloop system has a start-up time of 21 days. This is required by the NSF-350 standard.

Can anyone install a Hydraloop?

Hydraloop is a high-tech product and can only be installed by an accredited installer/plumber. Only this way we can offer our warranty.

Online Connection

Why do you monitor Hydraloop systems in the central server?

All operational Hydraloop systems are connected to the central server for remote monitoring, remote service and over-the-air software updates.  

Does the Hydraloop system have to be online and connected to the central server at all time?

In principle, yes. Your system needs to be connected to the central server. There is no problem if your internet connection is not 100% stable. Your Hydraloop system can function without server connection for a limited amount of time (up to seven days). You should, however, never turn the internet connection off.  

What data does the central server monitor?

The central server monitors the status of the Hydraloop system (operational, holiday mode etc.), as well as tank levels, valve positions, pump settings and displaced water volumes over time. 

How can you guarantee that the central server is always online?

The Hydraloop central server runs at the premises of a qualified hosting provider with secured data protection and back up services.  

How does the data exchange between my Hydraloop and the centrel server work? Is my data safe?

Your Hydraloop system has a secure TCP connection with the central server. Your Hydraloop can only communicate with the central server if the server sends a specific signal. Your Hydraloop cannot communicate with other internet servers.  

Can I change the WIFI network?

Yes, you can. Before you change the WIFI network, you should shut down the old WIFI signal. Then please follow the steps as explained in the installation manual. 

What happens if my internet connection is unstable or cut off?

Nothing happens, as long as the connection is restored within 7 days.  


How often does a Hydraloop unit need maintenance?

One of Hydraloop’s benefits is that our systems don’t use filters or membranes, so they can’t clog, and you never have to clean or replace a filter. This reduces costs too. All Hydraloop units work fully automatic and have a regular self-cleaning mode.

We recommend a preventive maintenance check by your Hydraloop installer once every two years.

How often do I need to replace the UV lamp?

The expected lifetime of the UV lamp is 3 years. We recommend scheduling a preventive maintenance check for your unit by your Hydraloop installer every two years. During this check, the UV light bulb is exchanged.

Do I need special cleaning products or laundry detergents?

No, you don’t need to use special cleaning products or laundry detergents. The only requirement is that you use products without bleach in your bathroom cleaning products. (for all showers and baths that are connected to the Hydraloop).

What happens if I clean the shower or bath with a product that contains bleach?

If you clean your shower or bath with a product that contains bleach, you need to restart the bioreactor with your smartphone app. The 'start-up procedure' currently takes 21 days. Hydraloop will soon offer a bioreactor vitalizer (in the form of a (re)starter kit) which will shorten the start-up period to 7 days. 

What happens if I dye my hair in the shower?

You can only rinse out hair dye in the shower after you’ve activated the App to flush the dye rinse water directly to the sewer.  

How do I restart the bioreactor?

In the app, select the ‘start-up procedure’. This will empty the tanks and restart the bioreactor inside the Hydraloop unit. During the start-up period, Hydraloop automatically switches to backup water. You can use the showers and baths like you always do. When the biological treatment is fully operational again Hydraloop will offer treated reusable water again.

The ‘start-up procedure’ currently takes 21 days. Hydraloop will soon offer a bioreactor vitalizer – in the form of a (re)starter kit – which will shorten the start-up period to 7 days.


What is the tank capacity of a H300?

Each Hydraloop unit has two tanks. The upper tank, where the cleaning process takes place, has a capacity of 180 liters (47 gallons). The lower tank, where disinfected water is stored, has a capacity of 120 liters (31 gallons).  Hydraloop H300 can treat 3 times the capacity of 180 liters per day to a total of 540 liters.

What is the tank capacity of a h600?

Each Hydraloop unit has three tanks. The upper two tanks, where the cleaning process takes place, has a capacity of 360 liters (95 gallons). The lower tank, where disinfected water is stored, has a capacity of 240 liters (63 gallons). Hydraloop H600 can treat 3 times the capacity of 360 liters per day to a total of 1080 liters.

What is the difference between the H300,  H600 and Hydraloop Cascade?

In short: the H300 has the ideal treatment capacity for a household of up to 4 - 5 people (in Europe, where people on average use 45 liters | 12 gallons of water per person for showering).

The H600 has the ideal treatment capacity for small businesses and larger households (and for households in countries where people on average use 90 liters | 24 gallons of water per person for showering).

The Cascade is scalable and made-to-measure, so it can handle projects of any size.

For details, see the Product Factsheets for H300, H600, and Cascade.

What is the size of the models and how much electricity do they use?

Size H300: W:34 cm (13.4 inch) x D: 80 cm (31.5inch) x H:185 cm (74 inch) / 6.1 foot)

Size H600: W:68 cm (26.8 inch) x D 80 cm (31.5 inch) x D: 185 cm (74 inch) / 6.1 foot)

Electricity: + 175 KWh/year (H300), + 350 KWh/year (H600)

For more information and specs, please see the factsheet H300, H600.

Hydraloop Cascade is a multiple of the number of Hydraloop units.

Smartphone App

Can I decide what I want to use my Hydraloop water for?

Yes, with the Hydraloop smartphone app you can decide how you want to use Hydraloop water. In the default mode, Hydraloop primarily uses recycled water for toilet flushing and for the washing machine. You may prioritize irrigating your garden or topping up your pool (if you have these add-ons to your Hydraloop unit).

The Hydraloop has just been installed, but my smartphone app doesn't show any available recycled water, why?

After installation, Hydraloop automatically enters the ‘start-up procedure’. The biological treatment in the Hydraloop unit needs to develop and will be ready in 21 days.

During the start-up procedure, Hydraloop automatically offers backup water for your toilet, garden, and washing machine. After that, Hydraloop will switch to recycled water and you can start monitoring your water savings on the App.