Hydraloop White Papers

Hydraloop Reusable Water Quality

The Hydraloop reusable water quality system has undergone rigorous third-party testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The testing is conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which provides a widely recognized certification, especially in North America.

Financial Incentives: 2000 Euro Rebate in Leeuwarden

As the first municipality in the Netherlands, Frysian capital Leeuwarden grants its inhabitants a subsidy of up to € 2000 for the purchase and installation of a decentral water recycling system. In this article, we share the press release as well as the details about this subsidy.

Life Cycle Assessment of a greywater recycling system

Domestic greywater recycling systems, like Hydraloop, collect and treat mildly contaminated greywater from showers and laundry machines for safe non-potable reuse. A life cycle assessment was conducted to evaluate the environmental impacts of implementing and operating the Hydraloop system.

Use Case:
Krikorian Family in California (US)

The Krikorian family in Palo Alto installed a Hydraloop greywater recycling system to combat water scarcity during a megadrought. This low-maintenance system recycles water from showers, baths, and washing machines, cutting their water usage by 25-45%. They now use recycled water for toilets and laundry, demonstrating a sustainable and efficient approach to water conservation.

Use Case:
The Tetzner family in Southern California (US)

The Tetzner family in Southern California installed a Hydraloop H600 system to combat water scarcity and reduce their water bills. Since installation, their monthly water bill decreased by over 40%, from $350 to under $160. In November 2023, the system recycled 4,396 liters of greywater, saving 34,718 liters annually. This demonstrates significant financial and water savings with Hydraloop's technology.